The Dayz Standalone

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I’m just going to give my two cents about the whole Dayz Standalone Release thingy.
This is my opinion,i’m not a fanboy or a “hater”.
I just tell it like i see it no matter if im wrong or right,i have the right to voice my opinion.

In this article he said “The alpha build of DayZ standalone will be released before the end of the year, probably in December. ”
We all know that the Alpha build for Dayz Standalone was not released in 2012.
No problem,it happens that you get delayed its understandable.

Here are two articles that say that the Standalone is on track for a April Release,or around April.
Now this again did not happen,and around this time i still understand that shit happens.
That you can get delayed in you’re development of a video game or anything else for that matter.
What i do not understand is that he again gave a release date,if you don’t know for sure when its done by you’re standards.
Why give a release date?A lot of people do not like being lied too you know…
This is around the time that people are starting to get irritated about it,can you blame them?
The alpha version of DayZ standalone still isn’t ready for release but now there’s an end in sight
“We’ve set a date now – a window of about a week.”and “very soon” was also mentioned

Why would you say this if it isnt true?to get some attention for the Standalone?i do not understand this.
And you are suprised that you’re fans are getting angry?gee i wonder why.
It’s like dangeling a carrot in front of somebody and every time they get close,you take it away.

According to this – Dean stated at E3 in June this year that the DayZ Standalone release was going to be between 2 weeks and 2 months from then.
Really?by this point you should not be suprised when people are sick and tired of it.
If this is meant to build up some hype for the game?There are better ways then this.
How about showing more Screenshots or some more videos?
How about if people ask you a release date,you reply with we have no release date at this time.

This is not even a month later as the last article.
Just think about it,im just gonna repeat myself at this point.

“I want to simultaneously derail the hype train and then recover it, in saying that we have finished making the network bubble”

So you’re telling me that he intentionally shared as little as possible about the game?
Im talking about the sharing of new screenshots and videos about the Dayz Standalone.
Why would you share as little as possible info with a fanbase that is logal to you,you’re game and the company you work for?
And the main reason is this,the fact that people have to wait 2 months for something like a new screenshot…

Im gonna share my opinion on this whole thing.
I fully understand that if there are too many problems with you’re game that you dont release it.
But on the other side the Dayz Standalone is gonna be released in an Alpha Stage,meaning it isn’t complete and bugs and problems will happen.
It doesn’t need to be perfect,and doesn’t need to be complete,Alpha is Alpha.
But at this point there is a lot more choice when people want a Zombie Survival game,and the MOD itself is still being improved etc by other Modders.

I won’t be buying it on release for the simple reason of how the Dayz fans get treated by the Dayz Development Team.
I personally think that people should not except the way they get treated by the Dev team.
What can you do about it?let them know on Twitter and the forums,Or just by not buying the game on launch.
Now im not telling you “Dont ever buy this game”,but staying away from it on launch will sent a message.